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"Point blank: Hokies on the Hill changed my life. Between the opportunity to completely immerse myself in policy and political strategy and the invaluable friendships along the way, Hokies on the Hill gifted me a foundation for a future career and a semester I’ll never forget."
- Sam Tully, HOH 2024

“The Hokies on the Hill program was a transformational experience for me. I was exposed to how the Senate works, new career possibilities, and professional connections in D.C. This program is valuable because real work experience is combined with guidance in weekly classes. I would definitely recommend participating!”
- Avery Santin, HOH 2024

“Hokies on the hill was truly a career changing experience, that allowed me to further develop and grow my knowledge on public policy, public service and law. Through my experiences in the program, I gained valuable connections and opened up many opportunities that I never knew were there. For anyone who is looking to pursue a career in government, HOH is for you.”  
- Nathan Sauls, HOH 2024

“The Hokies on the Hill program enabled me to merge my academic education with practical experience allowing me to grow personally and professionally through the opportunities and people I had the chance to meet; not only is HOH the perfect fit for students looking to develop their professional career, but it also connects you to wonderful friends, mentors and unforgettable experiences!”
- Eireann Maybach, HOH 2024

“The Hokies on the Hill program was a hands-on experience unlike any I've ever had. It introduced me to the world of working on Capitol Hill, while also providing the resources and guidance needed to excel in my internship.”
- Sabrina Rafiq, HOH 2024

“My life has completely transformed since participating in Hokies on the Hill. Dave and Chris made each class interesting and engaging, while supporting us each step of the way. The knowledge I acquired in class translated to every aspect of my internship and helped put the Hill into a better perspective. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to help support the needs of Virginians at the federal level and learn more about the daily duties of a congressman and the impact they have on our lives. Hokies on the Hill strengthened me as a student, as well as a person.” 
- Anja Meier, HOH 2023

“The HOH program is genuinely a career, and really a life changing experience, which allowed me to grow as a person and really think critically about our nation's issues. The lessons given to us by Chris, Dave, and Lauren proved to be crucial in understanding our government and will be crucial as I continue to grow in my own beliefs and embark on a career in public service.”
- Cris Marchante, HOH 2023

“When I embarked on my second internship, I was very excited, but little did I know how much it would become a turning point in my life. The opportunities, lessons, and challenges I encountered throughout my internship reshaped my perspective of my career and life in a way I never expected. It ignited and reinforced my passion for public policy, public service and law to another level. Hokies on the Hill has forever altered my life, and I am truly grateful for this program.” 
- Nyla Mpofu, HOH 2023

“The Hokies on the Hill program really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get in on the ground floor of government careers. Regardless on your intent on working in the legislature, Hokies on the Hill equips you with tremendous knowledge and experience.”
- Anthony Villante, HOH 2023

“Being a part of Hokies on the Hill has been immensely valuable to me as it provided practical experience, an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting, and valuable networking connections in Washington DC that have greatly enriched my professional development.”
- Zachary Moyer, HOH 2023

“The Hokies on the Hill program was an opportunity that allowed cadets like me to explore other avenues of serving your country and making a positive impact by supporting staffers and the congressman or congresswoman to best serve their constituents. It was amazing to get a firsthand opportunity to work with staffers and attend hearings that put the important work being done here in perspective for me that my small role makes an impact on others.” 
- Christine Bayly, HOH 2023

“Hokies on the Hill gave me invaluable experience and connections in my future career field, and I cannot recommend it enough. I learned practical skills that set me up for success after graduation, and I gained a deeper understanding of how our government works along the way. This is a great program!”
- Lauren Maunder, HOH 2023

"Hokies on the Hill opened doors for me that I never knew were there before. Had it not been for the amazing opportunity I had been given, I would not have been able to intern on Capitol Hill and experience first-hand how the government operates."
Joshua Buckingham, HOH 2022

“Hokies on the Hill is a challenging yet rewarding program. Not only did it immerse me in the Washington experience and prepare me for life beyond, but the Hokies on the Hill program helped me learn a lot about myself and attributed to my growth as a person.”
Madison Cholewa, HOH 2022

“I don’t use the term- ‘unique life changing experience’ lightly but I can honestly say that’s what Hokies on the Hill was for me. Being on Capitol Hill and having the support of this program set me up for the most success!”
Deepa Gajulapalli, HOH 2022

“It was incredibly rewarding to be a part of the HOH program. I gained a valuable experience that helped me grow, both personally and professionally.”
Mina Butt, HOH 2022

“HOH has opened the doors for my future on the Hill. After finishing my internship, I have connections that are still inviting me to events and staying in contact, something I am immensely happy that this program has provided me.”
Maddie Walker, HOH 2022   

“Hokies on the Hill was the highlight of my academic experience at Virginia Tech. Working on the Hill teaches you about the government and politics in a way that you cannot experience solely inside of a classroom. The professors go above and beyond by recruiting speakers for the class, connecting you with professionals, and preparing you for the internship.”
- Claire Seidenberg, HOH 2020

“Hokies on the Hill was the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my undergraduate career. It gave me a platform to begin my career in public service and I made countless connections and some friendships that will last a lifetime. For anyone seeking a career in government, Hokies on the Hill is the place for you.”
- Will Schubert, HOH 2020

“Hokies on the Hill allowed me to experience a side of the government that we as students are rarely exposed to and meeting with political actors allowed me to think more critically about the human side of government, something I believe we as a country tend to overlook. We forget there are real people with real lives and their own set of problems and emotions, who are contending with one another and attempting to serve this country in the best way they see fit, rather than a few pictures in a history textbook. Hokies on the Hill allowed us the ability to go toe to toe with these individuals, and have productive, informative and awe-inspiring discussions. Even if you are unsure if a career in government is the path for you, the lessons learned and experiences gained working in a professional setting are invaluable, and can be translated over any field of work.”
- Joey Gordon, HOH 2020

“For me, Hokies on the Hill meant gaining experience in DC that would have never been possible without the help of Dave, Chris, and the HOH program. Getting to work at one of the largest law firms in DC and learning the ins-and-outs of lobbying and Congress through HOH has opened numerous amazing career opportunities for me, including admission to a wonderful law school I'll be attending in the fall!”
- Andrew Dowless, HOH 2020

“Hokies on the Hill was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Through working on the Hill, I was able to learn about politics and how the government works beyond what is generally shown in class or on the news. I could not possibly recommend this program enough as I have gained invaluable knowledge and connections from my time in DC that I hope to carry with me into the future.”
- Linsi Goodin, HOH 2019

"The Hokies on the Hill program allows students to immerse themselves into our nation's political world in a unique way. We get to be witnesses to the decisions made by some of the most powerful people and industries in the United States - something that cannot be gleaned from a lecture hall. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about a career in the political sphere."
- Rebecca LaBelle, HOH 2019

“Hokies on the Hill was one of the most rewarding experiences during my time at Virginia Tech. I gained valuable experience in our nation’s capital, worked alongside respected policy professionals, and made some lifelong friendships.”
- Alec Mancini, HOH 2019

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity Hokies on the Hill gave me to apply what I had learned through my courses at Virginia Tech in the working world. However, what was incredibly unique about this program to me was the opportunity to have professors guide us through our internships. This intimate learning setting provided me with invaluable advice and connections that I will take with me throughout my career and life.”
- Eleanor Patrick, HOH 2019

“Hokies on the Hill has not only allowed me to witness the inner workings of Congress, but it has also given me the opportunity to work in a professional environment. This is by far one of the most beneficial programs for students who are interested in a career in politics & public service.”
- Thomas Thorgersen, HOH 2019

"The Hokies on the Hill program gave me the chance to see myself in a real world profession. I am forever grateful for this experience."
- Ryan Walsh, HOH 2019

“The Hokies on the Hill program provided me with so much more than just a fun semester in Washington D.C. This program allowed me to learn and grow with passionate students, provided valuable insight into the political working world, and most importantly helped me forge connections that I plan to strengthen beyond graduation.”
- Katie Wiggins, HOH 2019

"Hokies on the Hill has undoubtedly been the single best experience of my academic career thus far. During my time in DC, I have had the opportunity to obtain a much deeper understanding of the American political system, enhance my professional writing skills, and build a strong professional network. I gladly recommend Hokies on the Hill to any qualified candidate without reservation."
- Caleb Thompson, HOH 2018

"Hokies on the Hill was the best experience I've had in my college career. I learned so much and met so many amazing people through this program. I know I would not have the opportunities I have now without this incredible experience and I would recommend it to anyone even slightly interested in politics. It helped to guide me in my career goals and gave me great foundational connections to rely on when I return to D.C. after I graduate."
- Samantha Hart, HOH 2018

"Hokies on the Hill is the best semester I've had at Virginia Tech. It gave me the opportunity to apply what I learned in the classroom to real life and gain hands on experience."
- Maura Mayorga-Rau, HOH 2018

"Hokies on the Hill was an unforgettable experience - an inside look into government that gave me knowledge and confidence."
- Anna Enkhtur, HOH 2018

"Hokies on the Hill was a mentally challenging, intellectually stimulating, and personally enriching experience of the sort that only come around once in a lifetime. For that, I feel honored and privileged for having been given the opportunity to participate."
- Chris Bass, HOH 2017

"Hokies on the Hill was an amazing learning experience. My time interning for the Committee on Ways and Means gave me a greater understanding of how our country's legislative branch works."
- Allie Bochna, HOH 2017

"My Hokies on the Hill semester was a profound experience. The relationships I formed and the work I was able to be involved in were invaluable to my personal and professional development. I will always treasure my time on the Hill. "
- Elisha Untiedt, HOH 2017

“Hokies on the Hill is a great way to way to gain both Washington work experience and academic credit. During the program I was able to explore a career field I am interested in as well as make valuable connections.”
- Anna Pope, HOH 2016

“The Hokies on the Hill program was an amazing experience. This program gave me once and a life time experiences and connections!”
- Abbey Hawkins, HOH 2016

“Hokies on the Hill is a world class program unlike any other at Virginia Tech. A semester in Washington is a must-do for any student of government and politics.”
- Robert Grey, HOH 2016

“Hokies on the Hill was an incredible semester that shaped my future goals towards public service. Gaining firsthand knowledge on how the government works was eye opening and always exciting. This experience was one of the best I've ever had and one I will never forget!”
- Meghan McDonald, HOH 2016

“To me, Hokies on the Hill was a unique experience that allowed me to gain a fresh perspective of Washington politics that I would have never witnessed if I only limited my learning to the classroom. Hokies on the Hill allows Hokies to expand the way they learn about politics by taking them out of their comfort zone into one of the most insightful, perplexing, and exhilarating experiences we can have as students.”
- Brandon Curley, HOH 2015

“Before I participated in the Hokies on the Hill program, I lacked any substantial career aspirations, I was unaware of the political opportunities that were available to young people like me, and, overall, I was lost. After a semester of living and working on Capitol Hill, all of those things changed for me. Now, I have clear professional goals, I have an unquenchable thirst to learn all I can about governmental and political issues, and I have the confidence to be the leader that Chris and Dave saw in me. Hokies on the Hill can change the direction of your life; I am proof of that!”
- Evan Fitts, HOH 2015

“Hokies on the Hill gave me the opportunity to learn about issues that mattered to me while being able network and create contacts that will help me secure a job on the Hill in the future. The internship and seminar class worked seamlessly together to provide a well-rounded experience of what working in Washington D.C. entails.”
- Allison Crittenden, HOH 2015

“The Hokies on the Hill program gave me the experience I needed to be successful as an aspiring civil servant on Capitol Hill. I am thankful for my time as an intern for Senator Tim Kaine, and being able to share and compare my experience with other Hokies was an opportunity I won't forget.”
- Casey Prestipino, HOH 2015

“I would say that the Hokies on the Hill program has given me the greatest work experience I could ask for with personal contacts and advocates who have helped me greatly. I don't think that I would be where I am today with the help of Dave and Chris. I would recommend this program to any student who is serious about going into politics and government related fields.”
- John Boyle, HOH 2015

“The Hokies on the Hill program opened doors for me that will no doubt advance my career in politics once I graduate from Virginia Tech. The people I met, things I experienced, and lessons I learned through this program and my internship will stick with me for the rest of my life and have no doubt put me on a path towards achieving my goals.”
- Matthew J. McCartin, HOH 2015

“The Hokies on the Hill program allowed me to have a hands-on internship experience, where I could apply what I learned in many of my political science classes.” 
- Maya Reddy, HOH 2015

"With Hokies on the Hill, I had no idea what to expect. The semester on Capitol Hill was the best semester out of all my four years in college. I experienced my greatest successes and challenges. The staff was the hardest working individuals I have ever met and became great mentors. I learned so much on Capitol Hill. I cannot wait for the opportunity to hopefully return as a staffer.”
- Meghan Oakes, HOH 2014

"My semester as a Hokie on the Hill was invaluable not only in the specific knowledge I gained but in the connections I made. The hands on experience deepened my understanding of U.S. Politics past what a classroom could teach. Hokies on the Hill helped me grow and develop the skills and confidence necessary to be successful in the working world."
- Amy Kochert, HOH 2014

"The Hokies on the Hill programs was the perfect complement to my in-class experience at Tech. Not only did I learn more about how our government operates, but I became more confident in my knowledge of the policy-making progress while meaningfully contributing to the leader I worked for."
- Kendall Strong, HOH 2014

“The Hokies on the Hill internship program was a once in a lifetime opportunity that allowed me to gain real world experience in politics and government while interacting with notable politicians, media members, and public servants.”
- Brett Fulcer, HOH 2013

“Hokies on the Hill was just about the most exciting and unique opportunity that I have experienced as a Hokie. It was amazing to be on the inside of Washington, experiencing the hustle and bustle of Capitol Hill while representing Virginia Tech. I gained more knowledge in just one semester of interning than I have my entire educational career because it was so hands on. I was able to build strong professional connections for future internships which are just one of the many valuable things you can gain from Hokies on the Hill. I encourage my fellow Hokies to take advantage of this amazing and rare opportunity.”
- Wanawsha Hawrani, HOH 2012

“Hokies on the Hill was the single most important factor to impact my college and early professional career. It is a great program for those who want to understand policy, political partisanship, and how Washington works altogether--beyond the social issues themselves. The guest speakers were unbelievable, and the professors are genuinely there to help their students learn concepts as opposed to just facts.”
- Colin MacDermott, HOH 2012

"My experience in doing Hokies on the Hill will be one I remember for the rest of my life. The real world experience you get from the Hill is something you can't get in a classroom, and the connections you make along the way are the best part!"
- Megan Merryman, HOH 2012

“Participating in the Hokies on the Hill program was an invaluable learning experience. My internship with Holland and Knight gave me the opportunity to engage in meaningful and challenging work with people who are passionate about politics. In conjunction with my internship, excellent guest lectures and class discussions helped me to make informed decisions about heavily debated issues in Congress. I highly recommend this program to all Virginia Tech students who want to go beyond the scope of classroom learning and experience the inner-workings of our government firsthand.”
- Erinn Dye, HOH 2012

“Hokies on the Hill was exactly the program I was looking for. Being a political science and communication major, I wanted an internship experience on Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C. The internship gave me enough credits to be able to spend a semester away from Blacksburg. It was definitely the best decision I have made while at Virginia Tech.”
- Madeline Hennings, HOH 2011

“The opportunity to live in Washington, D.C., and work on climate change issues with the Clark Group has fundamentally altered my education plans and career goals. The work has been exciting, challenging, fast-paced, and completely relevant to a consequential issue being debated on the Hill. I’d absolutely recommend the Hokies on the Hill program; it provides a stimulating academic framework while allowing each student significant freedom to shape his or her own experience.”
- Josh Deutschmann, HOH 2011

“Whether talking politics with former Congressman Tom Davis or meeting constituents and listening to what’s on their mind, I feel as though everything about this semester has gotten me energized to move forward.”
- Nicholas Jeffress, HOH 2011

“My entire experience on the Hill was amazing. I not only learned a lot about politics, but about life.”
- Sarah Rhee, HOH 2011