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What began as primarily a graduate education and extension program has now grown to support all aspects of the university mission. The learning mission is supported through the graduate and executive programs taught within the region and through distance learning technologies; the discovery mission is supported by a growing portfolio of externally funded and university funded research and strategic collaborations that benefit all aspects of the university; and the outreach mission is supported by the visibility that our operations and locations bring to Virginia Tech in a region of the Commonwealth that is becoming increasingly important as a hub for political, technological, and cultural change.

Virginia Tech is committed to preparing students for a future characterized by globalization and technological innovation amid economic, social, and geopolitical uncertainties. Virginia Tech is also committed to engaging the most critical, real world problems facing communities, states, the nation, and the world through research and discovery. Both objectives are pursued through the "Living Lab" – a real-word learning environment that integrates co-creation, exploration, testing, analysis, and innovation in operational settings, and piloted with Arlington County as an expansion of our proven internship model in the greater Washington, D.C., Metro Area.